IFTTT - When the Settings screen flips around, the logo is visible from the back.
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IFTTT - When the Settings screen flips around, the logo is visible from the back.

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How the Tesla Model S is made - behind the scenes


Sixth-grade metalheads from Flatbush, Brooklyn: Unlocking The Truth - Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins  

This is just excellent.

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Conservative (top) and liberal (bottom) maps of the world by artist Sandow Birk – a cross between Yanko Tzvetkov’s maps of European stereotypes and Paula Scher’s stunning hand-drawn typographic maps.

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The bicycle barometer takes data about the weather, the status of the tube lines I use to get to work, and whether my local station is open or shut.

It then reduces all that data down to a single value and displays it on a dial with a bike sign at one end and a tube sign at the other.

For example, if it is raining a bit the dial will move a bit towards the tube sign, but if the tube is suffering delays, it will move a bit back in the other direction.

Different data points get different weightings. E.g. snow is more important than a bit of drizzle; the tube station being shut trumps everything.

It is built using a Nanode and an old clock I found at a flea market. The data comes from the Met Office’s Datapoint API and Transport for London’s line status and station status API’s.

(I’ll make the code available once I’ve cleaned it up a bit, follow @richardjpope for updates.)


Endeavour: End of an era |

These rare photos capture the Flight Deck (cockpit) of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, fully powered for one of the final times. Just a few weeks later, at 9:58am EDT on May 11, Endeavour was powered down for the final time in history. It was the last of the three space shuttles to have power. Below, other views show the mid-deck, gutted of its lockers and storage areas, and three final photos show the white room entrance in the Orbiter Processing Facility, signed by thousands over the years.

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The Carl Sagan-inspired surrealist GIFs of Ignacio Torres, featuring humans as star stuff.

(images by Ignacio Torres, full gallery at The Morning News)

Revisiting my favorite GIFs ever made, I just stumbled upon this interview with Co.Design where photographer Ignacio Torres discusses how he makes these stereoscopic stardust super-shots. Step inside the star-stuff lab!

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This looks like the most fun.

Just ordered myself a copy of this.